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Mageclab Skin Care

【Collagen Cannon】Three-in-one Essence

【Collagen Cannon】Three-in-one Essence

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1. It has a clear and moist texture. It spreads easily and is easily absorbed. It gives the skin a hydrating experience, makes the skin soft and beautiful, makes the skin delicate and smooth, and reveals a radiant and radiant skin. Single-throw design, hardcover and quantitative, vacuum freshness locking, independent and hygienic, small tube, portable when going out.

2. Type III recombinant collagen - soluble collagen + soluble collagen cross-linked polymer + fibronectin - activates the synthesis of deep sodium hyaluronate and collagen, promotes the mucopolysaccharide link between the cortex, and radiates elastic energy.

3.5 heavy active peptides - carnosine + arginine/lysine peptide + oligopeptide-1 + oligopeptide-5 + oligopeptide-2 - multiple lightening peptides promote the production of collagen, improve collagen elasticity, and reduce dry lines and fine lines wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin support network, showing firm and elastic skin.

4. Synergy of multiple plant extracts - Aloe vera leaf juice + Milo leaf/stem extract + Centella asiatica extract + ginseng root extract - deeply moisturizing and moisturizing, moisturizing the bottom of the skin, solving skin oxidation and dullness Matte, leaving skin hydrated and radiant.

5. Whitening trump card - nicotinamide + fullerene - reduces the melanin that has been generated and precipitated, blocks the transfer of melanin to surface cells, accelerates cell metabolism, resists oxidative aging, removes reactive oxygen species, and reduces excessive melanin deposition.


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