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Mageclab Skin Care

Whitening and anti-freckle full-effect luxury pampering essence kit

Whitening and anti-freckle full-effect luxury pampering essence kit

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Product Ingredients—Efficacy:

1. Double certified whitening activation [muscle activation] combination, certified whitening and freckle removal, a safe and efficient full whitening experience; fully mix the essence oil + essence combination > whitening water + spot dissolving oil + freckle removal, whitening and anti-wrinkle milk, one bottle is worth The efficacy of three bottles simplifies the skin care process, is powerful and versatile, awakens the vitality of underlying cells of the skin, effectively dissolves stubborn spots, repels melanin, removes spots, whitens and repairs, leaving skin bright and white.

2. Celebrity Peeling Niacinamide transfers melanin and fades stubborn spots on the surface; ascorbic acid stearate is a powerful antioxidant and prevents skin dullness; whitening plant extracts licorice root and gentian root destroy the growth environment of melanin and brighten the skin from the source .

3.7 Plant-derived essential oils support each other: grape seed and rose oil work together to fight free radicals, prevent the formation of melanin, renew and activate cells; sweet orange oil and lavender oil balance skin tone, dilute melanin, and brighten the skin base; jojoba seed oil and wheat Germ oil nourishes and moisturizes, protects the sebum film, and leaves the skin rejuvenated and radiant.

[Suitable for the crowd: Can be used on any skin type]


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