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Mageclab Skin Care

Collagen Tightening Essence Cream

Collagen Tightening Essence Cream

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Golden-orange silk-like collagen, a new collagen silk cream, with patented ingredients fibronectin and nanogold, combined with multiple collagen peptides for transdermal filling and absorption, plumping up wrinkles and hollows in mature skin, making it more full and elastic.

Extensive research on sheep placenta extract deeply nourishes the skin, increasing skin tension and elasticity, prolonging the reduction and supplementing of collagen, and reducing and smoothing fine lines.

The high-concentration Glassy Skin Cream contains effective anti-aging ingredients from L'Oréal, effectively inhibiting skin glycation, reshaping the dermal membrane, tightening the true epidermal connection layer, instantly plumping up and reducing wrinkles.

Patented recombined collagen fibronectin firmly captures more collagen peptides, rebuilding the elastic fiber network of aging skin, small molecule imported hydrolyzed collagen replenishes lost collagen, and fights against aging.

"King of Anti-Aging" - fullerene - has strong antioxidant properties, resisting oxidative aging, clearing active oxygen, and inhibiting melanin production.

Rich in patented ingredients [fibronectin + red algae + gold + ursolic acid + nanogold + hyaluronic acid] / imported ingredients [hydrolyzed collagen + avocado + edelweiss + tocopheryl acetate + chamomile extract + ginseng root extract + jojoba seed oil], synergistically targeting the deep layers of the skin for repair and nourishment.


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